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Spare Parts

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In the main product groups, listed above, you will find a very large range of spare parts for almost all scooters, maxi-scooters and mopeds. Genuine spare parts are easy to find by using the original drawings (exploded views). All parts presented in these drawings are genuine and are supplied by the manufacturer of the relevant brand. Should an alternative spare part (not genuine but of equivalent quality) be available it's listed underneath the genuine spare part. To find the right parts that are not present in the drawings (often not genuine parts), we recommend to use the model filter. By selecting a scooter brand and model in the filter, the website will be filtered and only the appropriate and compatible parts for the selected vehicle will be shown in the shop. You will find the model filter at the top of the site. But attention, also universal parts will be shown.These parts could fit or could be compatible but sometimes only after an adjustment. So be careful when you order universal parts and be sure that they are suitable for your vehicle.

In the group carburation you will not only find complete carburettors but also the spare parts, parts to adjust it (main jets) and tools for adjusting the carburettor.

Under bodywork we placed all parts that are on a scooter but are not part of the electrical circuit or the engine.

In electrical you will find all parts related to the ignition, electrical circuit and lighting. Plus all kind of tools to detect and solve electrical  problems.

Engine parts, of course, include all parts that occur in and around the engine. From exhausts to crankcases and from cylinders to gaskets. The offer is very large. If you are looking for a very specific spare part it might be only available as genuine. In that case you can find it in the  original drawings (exploded views). 

Maintenance parts relate to all parts that are subject to wear, they should be replaced on a regular basis.


Please note that we are still working on translating all pages and that some pages and information may still appear in Dutch.