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Bitubo is an Italian manufacturer of high-class shock absorbers for scooters and motorbikes. Founded in 1963 at first Bitubo focused on the production of damping systems for industrial and off-shore use. Since 1975, Bitubo has imposed itself at the forefront of the motorcycle market with the innovation of the famous pair of shock absorbers connected by two compensating rubber pipes – hence the name “Bitubo” – that were immediately adopted and raced by the greatest Champions. Road racing is a theme in Bitubo’s history and through the years many successes were achieved with their shock absorbers. This long racing-experience can be found in the range of shock absorbers Bitubo now offers for road use. Bitubo shock absorbers are hand-made and specially designed for each vehicle. This guarantees optimal shock absorbing, road handling and comfort. If you buy Bitubo, you buy quality!

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