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EasyParts has a wide range when it comes to protection for both the driver and the motorcycle or scooter itself. Next to having good equipment’s, it‘s also good to protect yourself and your scooter when you decide to go for a ride.

To keep yourself warm and dry on your scooter or motorcycle it is important that you use good clothing. It is also useful to protect and cover yourself with a leg cover and a set of handlebar muffs. These two make sure that you stay dry and warm when on the road.

We have handlebar muffs and leg covers of your favorite brands like Vespa, Piaggio, Sym or the well-known brand Tucano Urbano. The original products from the brands themselves is a must have and of very good quality. You can see, notice and feel that!

To drive without the wind in your face, you can attach a windscreen to your scooter or motorcycle. This windscreen does not only keeps the wind out of your eyes, but also gives your scooter that extra edge when it comes to appearance, whether you take a high windshield or a low one. Besides being functional, it also makes your scooter or motorcycle style full.

If you take good care for your scooter or motorcycle, it is wise to install protection bars. These bars protect your vehicle when it falls or when someone comes to close to your scooter while driving or parking. Because these bars catches most of the impact, this limits the damage on your scooter.

To protect your scooter against the elements of nature you can use a protective cover. This protective cover covers your entire scooter and ensures that your scooter stays dry and protected against objects that can fly against it do to wind. Do you just want your saddle to stay neat and dry? Then use a seat cover.

Please note that we are still working on translating all pages and that some pages and information may still appear in Dutch.