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EasyParts has a wide range when it comes to luggage for motorcycles and scooters. Besides that good equipment is important while driving, it is also nice to store your luggage when you decide to take a ride on your scooter or motorcycle.

With a luggage carrier you can attach your belongings to your scooter or motorcycle. You can attach your bag or your top carrier to your scooter. if you do not have a top case, you have to keep your stuff safe, then there is a luggage just to keep everything together.

Your fellow passengers also want to travel comfortable. So it is possible to attach on your scooter or a top case with backrest or sissy bar. If you want to take your pet with you, the use of a transport box from POW (Pets On Wheels) is perfect.

Most of these top cases are manufactured in the color of your scooter with matching cushion. Are you looking for loose parts? This is not a problem, many products have spare parts for when replacing damaged or incomplete parts. We offer top cases from brands such as Aprilia, Vespa, Piaggio, Yamaha, Peugeot and Gilera.

To look great on your scooter or motorcycle we have a wide range of bags such as Vespa, Piaggio and Polini. These bags from your favorite brand are specially made for you when you go out.

By attaching a top case to your scooter, but it also looks great. Especially when you bring a matching travel bag, you are totally in style.

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