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Accessories include products that are not standard on a scooter or moped when you buy it. Accessories can be purchased additionally for example to improve ride comfort, decorate the vehicle or to protect the scooter and yourself.
The scooter's luggage space is often very limited. Fortunately, there are all kind of solutions to increase this capability. You will find these products under luggage. So you're looking for a top case, a luggage carrier or a storage bag, then check the group luggage.
In protection you will find both accessories to protect the scooter and accessories that protect the rider. You can protect your scooter from rain, wind and dirt with a scooter cover  With protection bars you can protect the scooter from damage. To protect yourself, we have handlebar muffs against cold hands and leg covers that keep your legs dry and warm while driving. A windscreen also provides more comfort, it protects you from rain and wind. 
Protecting your scooter or moped is an important matter too. Unfortunately scooterss are still vulnerable to theft. Fortunately, there are many accessories available in our shop that make theft a lot more difficult. Of course it starts with a good lock, which we have in many types and sizes. But also installing an alarm system is a very good way to prevent theft.
In equipment & outfit  you will find all the accessories you can wear to protect yourself. Gloves against the cold but also to protect your hands if you fall. Of course, the helmets are not missing, jet helmets, cross helmets, children's helmets, fullface helmets and helmet goggles. In short, something for everyone at every price range. And of course clothes, to protect yourself or just because it's nice and matches well with your scooter.

Please note that we are still working on translating all pages and that some pages and information may still appear in Dutch.